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Over je pokemon
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BerichtOnderwerp: ☠MORT☠   di jun 05, 2012 10:01 pm

☠ M O R T ☠


Name. Mort
Age. Old enough to call me sir
Sex' Male
Kind. Zoroark
Side. Neutral
.Fury Swipes
みだれひっかき 20×

.Night Daze
ナイトバースト 80
Explain Powers.

Fury Swipes;

Japanese: みだれひっかき Disturbed Scratch) is a damage-dealing Normal-type multi-hit move introduced in Generation I. It appears to be a counterpart to Fury Attack, as the type, effect and names are the same or very similar.

Night Daze;

Zoroark's eyes glow light blue and its body becomes surrounded by a crimson aura. It then raises its arms above its head. When it does, the aura around its forearms gets thicker. It then slams its arms down into the ground. A pink and crimson glowing forcefield of energy appears from the aura around Zoroark's arms and grows larger, spreading all around it. The thicker the aura is around Zoroark's arms, the more powerful the attack becomes.


Fur. Black and Red
Eyes. Clear Blue
Built. He very tall, en strond builded. He has long har till the ground, there within an blue pearl. He has long claws, en he stands right up.


You know I can make you wanna scream.
You know I can make you wanna run from me, baby.
But when it's to late you've wasted all your time.
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